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Why building intelligent cloud-native business applications is easier with Kogito
  • Speaker(s):
    Kris Verlaenen (Red Hat)
  • Session type:
  • Abstract:
    Cloud computing platforms have changed how developers are building and running applications. But how do you know you're still making the right decisions across the board? And do you still have insight into the processes these microservices applications follow to deliver business value to your customers? Kogito, a business automation toolkit that originates from well known open source projects Drools (for business rules) and jBPM (for business processes), uses the latest technologies out there (Quarkus, Kafka, Knative, etc.) to bring the benefits of process automation to this new era.

    In this breakout session, we'll discuss:
    • The value Kogito brings to the table for building intelligent cloud-native applications.
    • How business automation will make your life easier, even in this cloud-native environment.
    • How Kogito brings you processes and decisions at scale.
    • How Kogito helps to simplify application building by seamlessly using and integrating other available modern technologies.

  • Track:
    Cloud-native development, Enterprise integration
  • Topics:
    Application development, Business automation, Business rules
  • Audience:
    Build applications, Design application/system architectures
  • Includes:
    Live demo
  • Products:
    Red Hat Decision Manager (formerly Red Hat JBoss BRMS), Red Hat Process Automation, Red Hat Process Automation Manager (Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite)
  • Difficulty:
  • Benefits:
    Flexibility, Manageability