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Modern business workflows as microservices: How we won with Red Hat Process Automation Manager
  • Speaker(s):
    Mauro Vocale (Red Hat); Giovanni Marigi (Red Hat)
  • Session type:
  • Abstract:
    With clouds and containers, business process execution is starting to shift from the traditional, centralized deployments of process execution engines (from the SoA era) to a more agile, de-centralized deployment of smaller process definitions. These smaller process deployments fit extremely well in a microservices architecture: they can either orchestrate microservices, be part of a microservices choreography, or be a mix of both. Some platform microservices have to run business process management (BPM) processes or case management scenarios, but they have to be considered like all microservices on the platform in terms of deployment, release and, execution on Red Hat OpenShift. Having a modern, cloud-oriented platform tested for production workloads can help you achieve this.

    In this breakout session, we'll demonstrate how we put the Red Hat Process Automation Manager into a microservice architecture designed by one of the most important Italian banks. We'll take a comprehensive look at the challenges we overcame, and we'll analyze the blueprint we built to succeed.

  • Track:
    Cloud-native development
  • Topics:
    Application development, Business automation, Business rules
  • Audience:
    Build applications, Design application/system architectures
  • Includes:
    Live demo, Red Hat customer implementation, Red Hat Services (consulting, training, certifications)
  • Industry:
    Financial services
  • Products:
    Red Hat Application Runtimes, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat Process Automation Manager (Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite)
  • Difficulty:
  • Benefits:
    Modularity, Scalability