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Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift: From architecture to site reliability engineering (SRE)
  • Speaker(s):
    Kenny Woodson (Red Hat); Elana Hashman (Red Hat); Jason Hunter (Red Hat)
  • Session type:
  • Abstract:
    Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a fully managed service of Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure, jointly engineered, operated, and supported by Microsoft and Red Hat. It can help you reduce operational overhead and focus on quickly delivering applications that deliver more value to your business.

    In this breakout session, we'll:
    • Provide an overview of the Azure Red Hat OpenShift 4 architecture and operational processes.
    • Explain our unique partnership with Microsoft and how this enables our managed offering.
    • Discuss how we built the service, how we run it, and what we manage.

  • Release date:
  • Track:
    Hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Topics:
    Azure, Clusters, Hybrid cloud, Kubernetes
  • Audience:
    Build applications, Manage infrastructure, Make final decisions about IT purchases/vendors
  • Includes:
    Live demo, Roadmap
  • Industry:
    IT consulting & services, Technology
  • Products:
    Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Management, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Difficulty:
  • Benefits:
    Cost savings, Efficiency, Manageability, Portability, Reliability, Scalability, Security