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The state-of-the-art of developer tools to build business-intelligent apps for RHPAM v7 and Kogito
  • Speaker(s):
    Eder Ignatowicz (Red Hat); Alex Porcelli (Red Hat)
  • Session type:
  • Abstract:
    Developers are key to digital transformation. Making them productive is critical. Business processes and rules have already made a huge difference for business, giving your company the ability to quickly react to changes in the market. But how can we keep developers happy and productive writing business rules and processes?

    The key to achieving developer productivity and joy is to help them build business-intelligent applications using toolsets they're already used to and provide seamless and non-friction integration with their existing workflow.

    In this breakout session, we'll show you how to develop business-intelligent applications today using Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7, and business-intelligent applications of tomorrow using Kogito, with the most popular developer toolset by VSCode, GitHub, and the beloved command line.

  • Track:
    Enterprise integration
  • Topics:
    Application development, Business automation, Business rules
  • Audience:
    Build applications, Design application/system architectures
  • Includes:
    Live demo
  • Products:
    Red Hat Decision Manager (formerly Red Hat JBoss BRMS), Red Hat Process Automation, Community project(s)
  • Difficulty:
  • Benefits:
    Ease of use, Efficiency